Having an RV opens hundreds of doors to explore the realm of travel and adventure. Whether staying within the city or parking at a beautiful campsite, using an RV for travel is so comfortable and convenient (and you don’t have to worry about thin hotel walls). But while your mode of travel and lodging is settled, there is another important bit to your travels: your meals.

If you aren’t planning on eating at a restaurant two or three times a day (let’s face it…that will get expensive and fast), then you’ll need to have a plan for meals. When traveling RV style this may present a challenge depending on the RV you have for transportation. Luckily, most RV’s have many methods for cooking meals and storing perishables.

Food To Bring On An RV Trip

If your RV has a refrigerator, then it becomes much easier to store perishable foods. For your RV trip you have a couple of options depending on what you have available in your RV. If you have access to a fridge, or even a freezer, you could prepare meals ahead of time at home to take with you. Alternatively, you could also opt to store ingredients in your RV to cook meals throughout your trip.

The easiest perishable foods to bring will be fruits, vegetables, meats, and cheeses. Remember that the larger the food, the less space you’re going to have to store other items. The fridge in your RV isn’t going to be nearly as large as the one you have at home, so you’ll need to tightly manage the space that you have to work with.

How To Plan And Cook Your Meals In An RV

Bringing dry foods is a good idea if you have access to water and heat. Things such as pasta, rice, or even beans can be bought and stored in bulk while taking up minimal space. These foods are easy to cook as long as you have something to cook them in, some water, and a source of heat.

RV Meal Planning Tips

For less headache and more money-savings, don’t treat your RV like a 5-star restaurant. Due to the more limited space available for storage, the ingredients that you bring should fit into multiple meals. An example would be onions, peppers, and even tomatoes. Bringing more specialty ingredients for particular meals will increase your food costs as well as take up more space.

The best for your RV meal planning: keep it simple. You’re going on a great adventure, so don’t spend all of your time cooking and worrying about complex meals. In fact, we highly recommend bringing some kind of instant pot cooker. These are absolute gems when it comes to RV travel as long as you have the capability to plug it into a power source. There are many different kinds of instant pots and some allow you to utilize different cooking methods. You could even have one that slow cooks, acts as an air fryer, and more. One pot type of meals are guaranteed to make your RV trip much easier while still being delicious.

Don’t Forget The Snacks

For any great adventure, you can’t forget to bring snacks. They’re great for the time of traveling itself, especially for long road trips. Keeping some healthy snacks for good energy and focus is important for a safe journey. Plus, snacks are easy to store and normally will not take up a lot of space. 

But none of this is possible if you don’t have an RV. It’s a bit difficult to live the RV lifestyle without, well, an RV. Your RV Broker is a great place to get a great RV for a great price for both new and experienced RVers.