Us roadies love to buy, sell, and trade our motorhomes as we get more experienced. Maybe you like a new style, maybe you want to go old school, or you’re just darned tired of your current RV. There are many choices you have when it comes to selling or trading your motorhome. I’m here to educate you on the pro’s of brokering.

What is Brokering?

Brokering, which can also be called consigning, your RV means someone else (a dealer) will help you sell your vehicle and they’ll take a small percentage of your sale as their payment. What this would look like is you take your motor home to the dealership. Keep in mind not all dealers offer brokering. They will talk to you and see if they can take your RV, then you sign a contract with them, most dealerships have a set percentage (for example, 10%) of the sale they will require after the sale is done.

Here’s the Pro’s of Brokering.

  • You set the price.

  • Your RV gets professional, paid marketing.

  • Your motorhome is stored at the dealership.

  • The dealer does the heavy lifting. (arranging sale, contracts, etc)

  • We’re all on the same team. – the dealer wants to sell as much as you

  • There’s no risk. -if you want to take it back, you can.

You Set the Price.

When it comes to price, your dealer will advise you according to their experience selling RV’s. They will give you suggestions and talk through price points/flexibility, but at the end of the day you own the RV, so you have the final say. I suggest really heeding your dealers’ advice. Why? Because there’s no question if they are taking advantage of you. You broker wants to sell your RV for the highest price too, remember they get a percent of your sale so more money for you = more money for them. Also, a broker will almost always get you a higher number than a dealership will offer you. A dealership buying your RV will want to buy for a lesser amount so they can make more.

“You broker wants to sell your RV for the highest price too, remember they get a percent of your sale so more money for you = more money for them.”

Your RV gets Professional Marketing.

Your broker most likely pays for the units they are selling to be advertised on sites like RV Trader, Facebook, etc. Chances are they have a person in charge of their marketing, in other words, their job is to professionally market your RV. They sell RV’s for a living, so chances are they’ll market and sell your motorhome way faster than you would. No offense of course.

Your Motorhome is Stored at the Dealership.

Instead of paying upwards of $500 for a month for storing your motorhome, it will stay at the dealership. And most dealers keep it for free.

The Dealer does the Heavy Lifting.

The dealer handles all the technical parts of the deal. That way you don’t have to stress about selling your motorhome. That’s why brokering is so awesome, you let someone else sell your RV and you still profit more money. You don’t have to worry about contacting the buyer, making time for a test drive, dealing with the contracts and financing, and all the paperwork that goes with the title.

There’s No Risk.

If you change your mind, or feel like it isn’t working out for you, no harm no foul. If you want to take your RV back, that’s okay. Different dealers at that point have different contracts, so do your research, but most dealers wont charge anything if you don’t end up with a sale. So basically you’re not risking loosing any money by brokering, you’re just giving yourself a chance to make more. Because a dealership wont offer you prices a broker could get you.

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